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let's share our stories

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your past is your story. your story is the most powerful asset embrace it.

Who are you? I bet you have a story to tell. Will you tell it? What would be the cost to you in your life if you choose not to tell your story? What would you like to share with the people who know you- and those who don’t?

Of all the things that you can do to make the world a better place, few things are more valuable and beneficial than telling your story.

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Where have you been and what have you learned?

What do you hold dear? What have you endured and what has made you tougher? How have your experiences enlightened you and in turn, inspired and informed you to produce positive change for others?

Is your story a sad one, a trial of difficulties, and hurtful experiences? If so, plenty of people will want to empathize and learn from the battles you’ve fought. And when you’re ready to tell that story, you’ll find that opening up to a person or community that you can trust, will allow a big weight to plummet from off of your shoulders.

Stories are truly remarkable. They can include anything and everything that can be included in our experience -- objects, relationships, people, time, ideas, feelings, sequences, events, memories, anticipation, questions -- you name it -- all laid out the way we experience them. It is this resonance between stories and our experience that makes them so powerful. Stories embrace whole swaths of experience in one coherent sweep. They specialize in exploration and meaning. They are rooted in the holistic nature of life and our experience of it. Stories are not just things we tell each other. Stories have a unique power to contain and shape the experienced reality of conscious beings like us -- a power capable of bringing life and death, joy and suffering to individuals, groups, and cultures. We can't get very far with co-intelligence unless we acknowledge and start to consciously use the presence and power of stories in our lives. Co-intelligence involves the conscious co-creation and sharing of stories -- both the stories we tell and the stories we live. It, therefore, involves the co-authorship of what has happened, what's happening now, what might happen, what will happen, and what it all means The more we understand the power of your stories,

the more able we become……to connect with ourselves