Rest in Your Infinite Being


Are you an individual looking for an exciting new challenge in your life?

Do you feel confused and

overwhelmed by your daily experiences?

Do you keep asking yourself questions, never getting the right answers?

Are you sometimes Unsure About Your Future?

Are you feeling bored with your life?

Then maybe this workshop is something for you!

We’ve all had moments when life’s demands left us feeling stressed and scattered especially in 2020. “Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time to reach your inner treasure."

Your soul has chosen to be on this planet for a reason. Once you get back in touch with your spiritual self, your soul, you will find more clarity around your life purpose and career. Often it is limiting beliefs of the mind that hold us back from being able to truly hear our hearts. Ultimate fulfillment comes only when we listen to our inner longings.

The first step to making the most out of life is deciding what you hope to accomplish. What is your desire? Maybe you aspire to do satisfying work that will allow you to add value to the world. Maybe you’re looking for a fulfilling relationship that brings you joy. Maybe you want to become fit and healthy so you can be a positive example that your children can look up to. Knowing yourself is the key to a good life, firmly grounded. Connect with your inner force and release your life energy, by being aware of your abilities, your possibilities, and your limitations you can reach unity within yourself so you can better walk the path of life.

join us for an unforgettable two days that will create strength, release stress, and build personal empowerment in your life.

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