finding calmness in the Midst of Chaos

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work, the way we interact with each other, and our routines. This sudden and imposed change in our lifestyle is having a negative impact on many people on a personal, relational and professional level. One common consequence is an increase in feelings of worry and anxiety as we do our best to survive and thrive in the current environment.

To find calm in chaos, it’s helpful to first recognize the value of disorder in your life.

Then you can learn to acknowledge and move through the chaos with seven simple steps. In the midst of change — times like right now — everything can feel chaotic. Nevertheless, when we are overwhelmed by chaos, it can serve a valuable purpose. While chaos can seem ominous because we’re taught to avoid it, in reality, it may be refocusing our minds and positioning our psyches for growth. In fact, our lives can be the most exciting, and feel the most rewarding, when we experience chaos. How can that be? The hormone our bodies release in response to stressful, exciting, or dangerous situations — such as utter and uncontrollable chaos — is called adrenaline, and many of us take part in certain activities (from skydiving to watching horror flicks) just to relish that adrenaline rush. And in truth, without some degree of chaos, our lives become stagnant. Yet to trust in chaos is a learned behavior

Move Through Chaos with Seven Simple Steps

Trust in yourself.

When you’re in chaos, trust your inner voice. Believe in your guiding values and continue to recognize and welcome what’s positive in your life.

Have faith in a higher order.

Whatever happens, the structure of your world will maintain its shape. It won’t dissolve. The focus will emerge.

Know that sanity emerges in purpose

Your main concern is not to gain pleasure or avoid pain but rather to see meaning in life. Meaning is the attractor; it pulls your cohesive self through. Use this time to pause, ponder, reboot, and launch a “Project Self” to help you build a calmer and more focused you.

Allow yourself to grow.

Pulling back does not get you through. Simply discover the state of calm through introspective practice. Be gentle with whatever you’re going through.

Look in the direction you want to go

You may feel like a ship at sea being tossed around. But keep pointing the ship toward the shore or the light. Keep breathing and steering the boat. Know you’re going to get through it all. In the end, there will be a wide, calm, and deep delight.

Be willing to be disturbed. This is the challenge

Once you emerge from chaos to order without too many bruises, you’ll know you can throw yourself into the maelstrom of chaos anytime, and you’ll still be all right.

Keep moving.

The next time you find yourself in chaos, keep moving and remember what Nietzsche said: “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”

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